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Located near Keystone Avenue and 67th Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
Thomas is a certified massage therapist, holding licenses in sports, medical, therapeutic, and clinical massage therapy. Beyond his expertise in massage, he also fulfills the role of a wellness and injury prevention coach. Additionally, Thomas possesses a robust foundation in addiction psychology and is actively pursuing a master's degree in social work. Leveraging his diverse skill set and comprehensive knowledge, Thomas is dedicated to assisting individuals in effectively managing pain and stress. Looking ahead, he harbors ambitions of obtaining clinical licensure after completing his master's degree, with the goal of extending his services to encompass mental health therapy and case management.

Thomas is very knowledgeable as a massage therapist and has mastered his craft. Being a runner and doing cycling tires my body and I always feel rejuvenated when I get a massage from him. What aches I had are no longer, due to Thomas!! I have been getting massages for years and he is the best! I only go to Thomas and will wait for an appt. with him if he's booked. Highly recommended!!

L. Silverman

Sports Massage Recovery

Rejuvenate your mind and body with a therapeutic massage. Reduce soreness plus relieve your muscular pain and deep body stress.

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Pain & Stress Management

Prepare your body for optimal performance. Many athletes consider sports massage an essential part of training and recovery.

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Wellness & Injury Prevention

Experience the healing of mind and body while eliminating the negative effects of stress, stiffness, and muscle pain.

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Indianapolis Massage Therapist
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