Customized Massage Therapy
30 minutes $50
60 minutes $80
90 minutes $120
120 minutes $160
150 minutes $200
180 minutes $240
Nourishing Warm-Oil Scalp Massage (additional 10 min) +$15
Infrared Heat Therapy +$20
Vacuum Cupping (by request only) Free
Scraping (by request only) Free
Instead of a membership contract, packages are available for those who are looking to invest in their health and are needing that extra boost of motivation via prepaying for services. Packages automatically are credited to your account upon purchase. Package credits may be shared with others or kept for yourself. You have the flexibility to use how you would like. 
60 minutes/ 12 sessions $1,152.00
90 minutes/ 12 sessions $1,728.00
120 minutes/ 12 sessions $2,304.00
150 minutes/ 12 sessions $2,880.00
180 minutes/ 12 sessions $3, 456.00
NEW! Annual Memberships
Annual Memberships are an upfront investment allowing for unlimited massages for a full calendar year. Anyone who purchases an annual membership is invited to book massage therapy appointments as frequently as they want. Individuals who purchase an annual membership are responsible for booking their own appointments, whether it is done online, booking at the end of a completed appointment, or reaching out to Mind-Body Awakening for assistance. Please note that a credit card will still be required to have on file and the cancellation and no-show policies still apply. Cancellations on the same day or not showing for an appointment will result in the card on file being charged. The annual membership does not negate this policy. 
Annual Membership – Unlimited 60 minute massages/ $7,000.00
Annual Membership – Unlimited 90 minute massages/ $12,000.00
Annual Membership – Unlimited 120 minute massages/ $20,000.00
Indianapolis Massage Therapist
1919 East 67th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220