Thomas does a wonderful job accommodating any physical ailments and working into his regimen a way to combat any aches and pains you express. Just left my massage with him and already booked my next one. I prefer medium to deep pressure, and he fluctuates back and forth between both during my massages based upon the need of the new area being massaged. Definitely a fantastic massage therapist, and someone I would recommend to family, friends, and coworkers.
- H. Schmitt
Thomas is an absolutely WONDERFUL massage therapist! I have been reaping the benefits of his expertise for over a year now. I appreciate that Thomas works with me to meet my needs, while still making the massage a serene and relaxing experience. The benefits of his massages extend into my day-to-day wellness, because Thomas also helps me to understand what's going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing aches and knots. I did chemo almost 10 years ago and there are days that I feel like I had chemo treatment the day before. Those days are much better, knowing that I have a visit to Thomas, right around the corner. <3
- M. A. Winter
I've been a client of Thomas for a few years now. He can really work out the knots that I get especially in the shoulders. He will always accommodate areas that may need special attention. I wish I could see him weekly!
- K. Weston
I started seeing Thomas a couple years ago for severe neck and back pain. I have gone to hime many times unable to move and by the time he was done working on me, I had regained at least 90% range of motion in my neck. I also deal with extreme knots and tension in my back due to strenuous workouts, but because of Thomas, I finally have some relief! I 110% recommend his services and will continue to send my personal training clients to him for any issues they may have.
- L. Kinsey
Thomas really knows his stuff. He goes above and beyond for his clients to make sure they get the best treatment - he even customizes his products for you. You seriously cannot get better service.
- M. Hart
Thomas always does excellent work. I have been going to him for years, and whether I'm having a specific issue in my back or neck, or just have some general tension, I always leave feeling great.
- L. Christenson
Tom is great at what he does. He is very personable and caters to what you need. I highly recommend him.
- C. Gregor
I had a honey lemon green tea scrub and massage and loved it! Thomas is professional and accommodating, kind and friendly. His scrub left my skin feeling moisturized and exfoliated, and the massage was WONDERFUL.
- J. Herman
Thomas is an exceptional massage therapist who always individualizes his treatment to what is bothering me. Each massage is different - his techniques are not cookie cutter. His expertise of muscle anatomy allows him to focus on eliminating pain caused by heavy and frequent workouts! Thomas is the alternative to short-term meds that hide the issue but don't fix it! I'm picky and have high expectations! Thomas exceeds them 100%!!!
- S. Slowik
Thomas is very knowledgeable as a massage therapist and has mastered his craft. Being a runner and doing cycling tires my body and I always feel rejuvenated when I get a massage from him. What aches I had are no longer, due to Thomas!! I have been getting massages for years and he is the best! I only go to Thomas and will wait for an appt. with him if he's booked. Highly recommended!!
- L. Silverman
Thomas is the best massage therapist I have found in the area! He listens to your needs, his knowledge is vast and he has helped me tremendously! I recommend him to everyone as the best massage therapist in Hamilton county! I highly recommend him for any and all massage needs!! He is amazing!!
- D. Stevens
I've been seeing Thomas for a couple of years. He is very knowledgeable and intuitive on how to address any aches and pains I might have. He's provided specific recommendations as well as that have been effective to help in-between sessions. He's the best massage therapist I've seen. I highly recommend him.
- A. Acrey
I started seeing Thomas after I had injured myself working out. I was dealing with some severe back pain that was hindering my daily movements. After seeing Thomas several times, my back pain was gone and I was able to start working out again. Because he did such a wonderful job, I continued seeing Thomas, weekly, for the next 10 months during my prep for a body building competition. Not only did Thomas help keep my body in the best shape possible while I was training for my show, but he also helped improve my flexibility! I can't speak more highly of Thomas and the work he does.
- H. Nouri
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